"In major troubles, I deny myself everything except food and drink."


Have you noticed how affectionately we call everything that has even the slightest relation to food? Tartlets with salmon, a break, a cake, pancakes with caviar, hazel grouses with dressing, a restaurant, a borsch and let's stop, otherwise we will have to take a break for lunch. Despite the fact that my company is far from food production, we are directly related to it. Our friendly and close-knit team, which now has the same lunch break, is engaged in the production of folders for the menu. We are not an advertising agency or a printing house, we are manufacturers of the main restaurant attribute - folders for menus, cash registers, covers, aprons, napkins.

When I come to a restaurant, of course, I am attracted by bright, juicy advertising and an appetizing sign, I open the door and already inhale the aroma of the local cuisine and fresh pastries, I am fascinated by the music of clinking glasses and courteous waiters. And now, as if in a dream, I plunge into a warm and soft chair, and they bring me a menu ... It is at this moment that the veil falls off for me: the menu is cheap or rough leather and has seen many faces and hands, the pictures of the dishes are ugly, and the prices are sealed with price tags, well, or corrected by a proofreader - a familiar picture? Is not it? Further more - the dishes "live" do not match the picture, all the photos of the menu are already familiar to me. they can also be found in another cafe, on the board, on a banner on the Internet. Looking at all this - I want to run, but not comme il faut, I'll have lunch And now, after dinner, they bring you a folder for the bill (the waiters like to call her a beggar, again affectionately) in which there is a bill and, I understand that it's time to part with your hard-earned piastres ... And that's it, come on, guest, goodbye!

I see this picture in every 2!!!!! restaurant. Of course, the HoReCa segment is very young in our country, we cannot boast of Michelin restaurants, but for our part, we can help create a high-quality and professional menu, which, at least, is not ashamed to show. A menu that you want to take and eat without looking at it, which pleases with its appearance, visitors, which helps the waiters in their work.

The menu is not just a folder with a price list for services, the menu is the face of your kitchen and its best advertisement. Everything is important in the menu - shape, design, readability of the font, easy replacement of sheets, number of pages, ease of use among staff. Only taking into account all these features, you can create a truly worthy menu. If the budget does not allow you to develop a personal folder from scratch, use ready-made solutions - a folder with a landscape sheet format with a menu inscription - this is a classic menu option recognized in many countries of the world for decades.

And no matter what your budget is, you can always create a decent menu, for this a technologist, designer and seamstress worked on the folder - and so on when developing each menu from budget to elite. The main principle of our work is practical design and workmanship. All photos presented on our website are our works and the fruit of the painstaking work of our team.

And I am sure that the visitors who hold our menus in their hands take over the love that our team put into their work, the confidence and stability that is passed on to me from my team, and I, in turn, pass it on to you.

Sincerely, the head of the FideL company.