In order for your guests to navigate well in your establishment, there are informers. Informants are all kinds of signs, table signs, hotel numbers, wall signs and other signs and signs that will help you navigate well in an unfamiliar space.

Key Fobs / Keyrings

Key fobs are used in various spheres of life, not only in the HoReCa segment, but also wardrobe numbers, safe numbers, etc. Depending on the field and industry, the online store offers various materials for the production of license plates:

- keyrings plates made of plastic are the most common variant of number plates, due to their cost and speed of production, even for the largest numbers of number plates,
- wooden key fobs plates are a more refined and expensive option, but tactilely and externally, the number plates look much more elegant, perfect for an eco-style establishment, the interior of which is also made of natural materials,
- leather key fobs are a relatively new product, found mainly in expensive and premium establishments, well suited for a VIP-level establishment, for expensive rooms,
- key rings plates made of eco-leather are not inferior to leather ones, but have a lower price.

Signs for a restaurant
Holding any holiday requires the use of a professional set of attributes: table plates for serving banquets, table plates for table numbering, banquet menus, etc. Plates are needed for systematization and ease of service for waiters at large banquets and weddings.

Plates can be both disposable, for example, made of paper with the names of the bride and groom, and reusable. These plates include:

- plastic plates,
- leather plates,
- plates made of artificial leather,
- metal plates,
- wooden boards,
- vinyl or balacron plates,
- plates made of laminated paper.
To give the sign exclusivity, it is possible to apply the logo of the institution, thereby personalizing the sign. In restaurants, there are known cases of plate theft, so the plates can be used only in your establishment with a reliable protection of brand symbols, logos and other well-known symbols.

On hard materials, the logo is engraved by laser burning of the structure of the material, on soft embossing. Embossing the material is the most reliable way of personalization, it does not fade over time, it looks very elegant. If necessary, color embossing is possible, from standard gold and silver embossing to rare and unpopular colors. In any case, no matter how difficult the task may be, the company will competently and timely complete the assigned tasks.