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Each of us has been in an office building at least once. Basically, these are long corridors and many identical doors. Rarely do you get the opportunity to ask a random passerby employee where you should go. It is in such establishments that the signs on the doors play a key role, they serve as an identification mark and a guide for the client. Such signs are some kind of navigation around your office.

Signs on the door are especially relevant if there are several offices or organizations in the same building. Such an element will immediately allow you to stand out, emphasize your prestige, the seriousness of the company.

Basically, the plate on the door includes the name, surname of the employee, position and office number (although the numbers on the door can also be made separately on order). If this information is not enough for you, or you want non-standard plates, then in our company you can additionally agree on the application of the company logo, etc. A separate category of signs on the doors are signs such as "closed / open", "entrance / exit".


- Acrylic signs . They are the cheapest option and are most often used in universities, honey. institutions, schools, etc. Two-layer plastic allows you to change the information on the plate. Printing takes place using the laser engraving method.
- Sign print on sublimation metal. Such signs are very different from plastic ones, they look more expensive, more solid and more prestigious. Metal plates are difficult to break, they will last longer and retain their presentation. This type of signage is perfect for the manager's office, cafe, hotel, where quality and image play a key role in the successful promotion of the company. To apply information on such a plate, several methods are used, but laser engraving is the highest quality.
- Wooden signs on the door. Such signs are rarely used in office decoration, but a common option in children's institutions, playrooms, art cafes, etc. Both dark and light wood is used. The method of applying the necessary information: carving and laser engraving.