Upon check-in at the hotel, visitors are greeted by a friendly administrator who is obliged to tell guests about prices and services. At the counter, for the convenience of customers, such information is displayed for viewing in a folder with a price list of prices and services or printed briefly on a piece of paper. The higher the level of the hotel, the more often there are folders for hotels on the reception desk.

In addition, each hotel room, depending on the star rating, has a certain range of services, the hotel management also leaves telephone numbers for service departments, memos for guests so that this printing is not scattered around the room, it is more convenient to keep it in a separate folder. In the folder, conscientious hoteliers leave all the information that a guest may need for a comfortable stay in a hotel room.

Hotel folders have a similar folder design and personalization to the general interior of the hotel. Folder branding is carried out by embossing, engraving, attaching a metal plate. Inside the folder there are pockets for placing leaflets and pockets that advertise hotel services and other services.

No matter where in the world you stay in a hotel, you will find hotel folders everywhere. The level of the hotel also testifies to how the folder is framed. High-level hotels, 5-star hotels mainly choose genuine leather hotel folders. On request, our company produces folders for numbers from the following materials:

Folders made of genuine leather,
Faux leather folders
Room folders,
Textile folders, velvet,
Folders in printed cover,
Bumvinyl folders.
To make the folder look modern and stylish, we use fittings - metal corners, elastic fastening, lace as decoration, brushes for decorating the folder.

When ordering folders for your hotel at www.fd-store.com you will be able to develop an individual folder, it is possible to develop folders in the same style with corporate symbols and using the company's brand book. Your folders will delight your guests and become a worthy decoration of your rooms.

Hotel guests require access to well-written and organized information about the property. For these purposes, there are not enough announcements, pointers. In order for the guests to quickly get used to, find out the rules, the list of services, the features of the service, it is necessary to buy a folder for the hotel and arrange it properly. Information for clients can be printed on office paper.

Why information folders are needed in the hotel business
Upon arrival in a foreign city, it is difficult for a person to adapt and navigate in an unfamiliar environment. This applies not only to trips, excursions and entertainment, but also to hotel accommodation. In modern accommodation facilities, all information can be obtained from the administration. To reduce the number of calls to employees, increase the quality of service, and save time for guests, special folders are formed for the hotel, where extensive information is presented:

information about cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, massage rooms and other services available both on the territory of the hotel and near it;
data on transport services, methods of travel to different parts of the city;
telephone numbers and means of communication with essential services;
a list of products of a paid and free nature, which can be ordered in the room additionally;
cards-reviews about the work of the object;
memos on the basic rules of settlement, eviction and residence;
booklets with popular places of recreation, excursions, etc.
Varieties of manufactured folders for hotels
Today you can buy a room folders in different versions. Small hotels can get by with ordinary cardboard products. For large, and especially "star" objects, a more solid option will be required.

When manufacturing room folders for a hotel, the manufacturer takes into account current trends, the needs of establishments, and the financial capabilities of different business segments. Specialists offer products from suede and genuine leather, velvet and textiles, bumvinyl and printing material.