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Printed cover for menu

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A printed menu is the lowest-cost type of menu. The menu can be either in the form of a folder or in the form of a napkin under a plate - disposable. Low cost allows you to change the menu and its design more often.

When developing such a menu, the main emphasis is on cheap printing and the design of the menu itself. In terms of wear resistance, paper menus are much inferior to menus made of leatherette and leather. Any wrinkle on paper makes it stale and shabby, in addition, regular price changes require constant reprinting of the menu, revisions, and a cheap menu becomes not so cheap.

To make the menu appetizing and attractive, restaurateurs resort to the services of professional designers who create beautiful menu designs. It should be borne in mind that a beautiful design is not everything; the menu should be convenient, not only for visitors, but also for the staff of the establishment.

The most popular menu sizes are A4, 1\2 A4, and less often A3 (as a set).

To make the menu last longer, you can laminate it or print it on thick cardboard.

Read what sheet fastenings can be found in the menu here.

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