A Check Presenter , a zhebrak, a rahunok, a business card - all name one and the same simple object, which plays the role of an intermediary between clients and waiters. I'll lay down the corporate style.

When choosing an accountant, it is necessary to insure a few moments:

- the bill holder is quality of being in the same style with the corporate style,

- undoubtedly folder for the menu and check holderalso due to the same style and design,

- optional folding design of the checkbook cover, do not forget about practicality and reliability of operation.

The most budgetary accounts fd-store.com It’s simple one-ton counters, there are more banknotes in a wider range, they can hold a check and banknotes for a cash register. Dribnitsa in such a Guest Check Presenter is not varto, so like a folder is vikonan on a paper basis. This price segment has polygraphic accounts for restaurants and cafes.

It is also possible to create Restaurant Bill Holder, Check presenter for restaurant with your design, so that I can repeat the corporate style of the mortgage.

For more practical restaurateurs and for those who love more yakіsnі speech, folders from natural shkіri are available. Today the range of colors is even more extensive, we can choose any color for your prayer. Accounts with natural sheets are more durable in operation, practical, confirm the status of the mortgage. Also, Leather check holder perfectly combined with almost any cafe interior. Tactile natural material always accepts piece analogues.

Our managers will competently and in detail help you with the settlement of accounts by phone

+38 (097) 372-80-98.

Thank you, FD-store.com.

Irrespective of those who can give Cafe Check Holder to someone with an insignificant rubbish, on the other hand, they are an important attribute that will make the restaurant business more successful. In fact, such a daddy is a kind of notebook, in which one records the skin of a particular client, prepares folders for a rahunka in restaurants or cafes, in principle, a guarantee that the reputation will be mortgaged without baiting it to the masters. More than that, psychologists vvazhayut that a literate pidkhіd before the creation of a suitable Cafe Check Holder building deshcho smooth out the process of setting up a client for a penny.

When choosing to close the Check presenter for restaurant, follow the steps to the number, do it as efficiently as possible and as creatively as possible, taking into account the rules of the rule, which are recommended to be reached in any case:

preferably, so the design of such a folder will be changed with the design as a whole;
Guest Check Presenter  style and folder style for the menu due;
as a Leather bill holder a client’s rahunka, it can be done with high, flooring, so that it would be acceptable to take it in hand.
The choice of a laminated paper of the highest quality allows creating a unique design of folders for a rahunka, it is often practiced to make such a solution, as a choice in the background for another transfer of photos I will lay down.

Preparation of Leather bill holder - natural or piece - є one of the most practical, and to that і demanded options. Modern methods of processing such material allow you to choose from the widest range of colors, from calm colors to bright colors and to call "screaming". The texture of the natural shkiri is accepted on the dotik, it is considered to be among the most expensive, the proteo and the term for the service of such types is one of the most important, and the stink of the stench is even more familiar. How to finish the decoration with vicoristovuvaty accessories of a different type, or a great lacing - the bill check will look luxurious in any case.

The option with a piece sheet is more cheap, however, the cost of modern technologies for the preparation of rachunkiv to make such material practically does not look like natural.

Wood has become fundamentally new to him as a syrrh of recent feasts, counters from which are made in the form of caskets, where the client's robes are dbaily invested. The prestige and originality of the pledge, which is similar to the victory solution, do not call for doubts.

Today you can buy a Check presenter for restaurant for whatever taste and variety you can without special zusil. The option may be one of the most expensive ones, so it’s a budget one, the quality of what is taken away as a result of the experiment will be different, one, by which the roses are taken, prepared from a different syrovina - the price of dogovichnist. Depending on what material was victorious in the process of compilation, I can always decorate the accountant with the logo of a restaurant or a cafe, thus giving more status.