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HoReCa textiles

People who want to open their own business, for example, a restaurant, cafe, shop, beauty salon, etc., should think not only about what services will be provided, how best to equip the premises and how many people to hire, but also about uniforms, restaurant or salon textiles. These products will create the overall composition and image of a particular institution. That is why you need to carefully choose a tablecloth for a restaurant or other products.

Now you do not need to contact a seamstress or production to purchase napkins, tablecloths, aprons, T-shirts. Everything is much easier, you can buy everything you need online.

Now textiles for HoReCa are offered in a wide range. In the FD-store online store you can buy professional table linen made from quality materials, as well as stylish and durable aprons, t-shirts for staff and t-shirts with a logo that will act as advertising.

The fabrics used during the creation of textiles have the following qualities:

beautiful appearance;
low creasing;
materials do not shed after washing, so aprons for staff or other goods will last a long time;
abrasion resistance;
the presence of a silky neck;
textiles serve much more than cotton material.
In the online store you can see a wide variety of designs, colors, so everyone will find what they need there. You can buy cutlery cases and any other products on favorable terms.

The most popular offers are:

- napkins for the restaurant;
- tablecloths;
- T-shirts for staff;
- aprons for beauty salons.
It is worth noting that you can also contact the FideL company with an individual order in order to receive fabric products with a specific design, inscription, logo. Masters will perform everything in the best quality according to all standards in the shortest possible time. This approach will help create a certain impression about the institution or salon, show thoughtfulness to the smallest detail, and pleasantly surprise visitors.

The unified form of employees will help create a solid image and image of the organization, positively affect the work of employees and increase their efficiency, if necessary, protect and at the same time become a source of advertising. For this reason, staff t-shirts are in high demand.

On the site you can also find a wide selection of themed products for any holiday, which is ideal for themed evenings in cafes and restaurants, diversifying the style of any institution. Choose quality textile products at affordable prices.