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Waitress Pad / Pad Holders

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The server organizer is an accessory necessary for everyday use by each member of the staff of a cafe, restaurant, bar, nightclub, bistro, pizzeria. It is an alternative to shabby sheets, which significantly reduce the status of the establishment. Such products are positioned in several forms. The most popular of them are made from artificial leather or plywood.

Advantages of modern waiter book server wallet
There are several reasons to buy a server organizer made of leatherette or plywood. They are due to the advantages of these products, which consist in the following points:

presentable appearance;
convenience and practicality of operation;
wear resistance and durability;
reliability of fastening sheets-orders;
democratic value.
In the restaurant business, you should not rely on the memory of waiters or use cheap server organizer that reduce the level of the institution. A high-quality waiter's tablet will help to avoid unpleasant situations and form a positive opinion of customers from the first minutes of visiting a restaurant, bar or cafe.

Features of leatherette and plywood server organizer
Depending on the style and level of the catering establishment, you can choose and buy an artificial leather armrest in a suitable color design or high-quality plywood. The first option has a higher cost. It can have a spectacular designer firmware or stylish embossing in the form of a company name or logo. This format is suitable for presentable restaurants.

For inexpensive family cafes, sports bars and pizzerias, you can use plywood waiter book , which are cheaper and look great. Both versions of the presented clipboards are equipped with a reliable and convenient clip-on holder. You can attach a piece of paper or a notepad to it. Accessories can be personalized by equipping with metal corners, choosing colors (chocolate, latte) from the existing range.

When choosing clipboards, you should take into account the style of the institution. Experts recommend that each employee of the hall buy a server wallet, a tablet, folders for wine lists and menus, a cover for invoices, all made in a single design. Thanks to such products, convenient working conditions will be organized and an exceptionally positive image will be formed.

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