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Badges for doctors on metal, it is possible to make a layout

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SKU: 27852
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Material – metal.

Magnetic or head fastening.

Size – 6*3 cm.

Color: gold or silver.
Minimum order: 5 pcs.
With a smaller circulation, the quality may change.
Dear restaurateur or hospitality representative, welcome to the world of stylish and functional accessories! We are pleased to present you our unique products - badges on metal.

In the professional field, where every detail matters, name badges play an important role. They help to create a welcoming atmosphere, facilitate interaction with guests and quickly identify employees. Our badges are made of high quality metal, which ensures their durability and stylish appearance.

Particular attention is paid to badges with a changeable name. This is a convenient solution for staff representatives who often change or temporarily work in your establishment. With the ability to easily change the name on the badge, you can be sure that your staff will always look professional and welcoming.

Window badges are a practical and elegant solution. They allow you to insert information such as a name, title or logo under a glass window. This is a great way to create a consistent style and easily recognizable visual identity for your staff.

Our company specializes in the production of metal badges, and we are ready to fulfill orders taking into account your individual preferences and requirements. You can choose the shape, color, size and design of your badge to match the overall style of your establishment.

We also offer the opportunity to order badges with the logo for restaurant of your restaurant or hotel. This is a great way to reinforce your brand identity and create recognition among your guests. Our team of experienced professionals guarantees high quality logo printing and its durability on the badge.

Our company is ready to offer you badges under the order. We understand the importance of every detail and strive for a perfect result. Our products combine stylish design, reliability and comfort of use.

Don't miss the opportunity to make your team of professionals even more coherent and efficient with our quality metal badges. Order them today and feel the difference in your business!

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